Thank you from your winner – Chris!

Hello students!

chrisarmstrongIn much the same way as I started all the chats, I opened this up, wrote that greeting (above), and then ran off to make a coffee. Black, no sugar, please and thank you.

My boss posted a link on her twitter for I’m A Scientist back in April and I just sort of applied, I thought it might be a good way to break into the realm of science communication. I never thought I would wind up here 2 months later writing a thank you letter after winning the thing.  I am honestly blown away.

The last two weeks have been an absolute blast. The range of questions you get on the board is insane! You guys ask better/harder/faster/stronger questions  that I ever imagined coming into the contest. My personal favourite, “How long do you think the human race will survive for?”, gave me the chance to drop  the line “A homonovus, if you will” and I can’t thank you enough for that! And the intense quick fire chats that test your knowledge of the latest meme’s, your ability to see “@Chris”, and how quickly you can dig out A-Level chemistry knowledge. Seriously, these were a lot of fun but after A-Levels I thought my limited knowledge of chemistry was safe to be deleted. I was wrong.

I hope all the students had as much fun asking the questions as I did answering them. To the ones I missed, I am sorry, I type fast, but pace that 30 of you can inspire is beyond me. To those of you who voted for Team-Chris I am massively thankful to you! The fictitious t-shirts I promised will remain purely in mine and your imagination, complete with a picture of my face straight on the front – hair on or not on fire is up to you. I hope all of you keep asking questions, bug your teachers with questions about how the world started, how it will end, what made Blue from Jurassic World both adorable and scary, ask them all and listen to those answers!

To the amazing other scientists in the Hafnium Zone. Susan, Rob, Josh, and my rival finalist Rebecca, you guys were fantastic! I’m glad I was in a general zone, learning about all your fields just added to the experience!

And last but not least, to the amazing mod team, you are a credit to moderators everywhere. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard at my desk, nor questioned my own sanity more, than when two of you changed your names to “Chris” in the staffroom and proceeded to wreak havoc. And to you ModJosh, I leave my personal collection of dots “…. — .–  -.. —  -.– — ..-  .-.. .. -.- .  – …. . —  .- .–. .–. .-.. . …”

I have rambled on for a while now, so I will close by thanking you all again!

Peace out!


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